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Perfect Bowl

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Paving the road to healthier Aussie dogs, one bowl at a time

It's the freshest, most delicious and highest quality food your dog will ever eat.

Lightly Cooked

To retain the nutritional integrity while killing any nasties.

Perfectly Portioned

Individual portions calculated based on your dogs age, breed and activity.

Real Ingredients

Locally sourced, human-grade quality ingredients just like we would serve at the dinner table.

Vet Approved

Complete & Balanced meals designed by our animal nutritionist and loved by Vets.

Designed by an Animal Nutritionist

While home cooking can be a great step away from processed, supermarket dog food, vets recommend only feeding food that has been designed for dogs. Our animal nutritionist has designed our meals to meet their nutrient requirements.

Individual Portioned Sizes

Use our meal plan calculator to create a tailored meal plan that will fit your dog's daily energy requirement. A tailored meal plan will help your dog reach their healthy weight.

Freshly Cooked and Delivered

Perfect Bowl is freshly cooked to order. Our meals are quickly frozen and delivered to your door. All of our meals can last for 3 months in the freezer.

Benefits of
fresh food.

Just like us, dogs thrive off nutrition rich food. It is well known that the fresher the ingredient, the better. We strive to produce Perfect Bowl using only the best ingredients Australia has to offer.

More Energy

For some – the thought of a more energetic pup might sound terrifying. Low quality dog food does not provide the best source of energy for your dog. This can lead to them becoming less playful.

Longer Life

Studies have shown time and time again that diet is very important when it comes to a dogs' quality of life. It is also proven to maximise lifespan.

Shiny Coat

The natural, good fats in our fresh and wholesome bowls will make your dog's coat sparkle. This is unlike highly processed dog food on supermarket shelves.

Customer Feedback

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Happy dogs and great service

Our dogs were not eating their dry food anymore. We added the toppers and now they wolf it down in one go. Very happy dogs. Thanks also for the fantastic, quick service! - Michelle L

My 8 month old lab loves it!

My 8 month old lab loves it! Beef is his favourite! Meal toppers and biscuits work out to be a good combo for Jack. - Lisa H

Particular Daxie Pup

Recently purchased this for a very particular Miniature Dachshund who wouldn't eat anything but mince. My friend recommended this as her Senior Pup loves it and has had more energy and a shinier coat since starting it some months ago. I mixed the chicken with his mince as a topper and little Huey Loved it!! A fantastic way to get in some nutrients and I know he is getting a balanced diet now, rather than just the protein in the mince. Was delivered quickly and frozen so no problems with it lasting (he only eats it as a topper so it lasts about 5 days (two meals a day). - Kate

Great service, great product!!

We recently received our first Perfect Bowl order and I must say my expectations were exceeded. We ordered mixed toppers for our 2 miniature Dachshunds who are notorious for being fussy eaters and they absolutely love it. The food smells so fresh, not at all like dog food and I love that you can see all the veggies throughout the meal. The free door to door delivery is an added bonus and adds to the convenience of buying fresh. I couldn't be happier with the service I have received, my pups and I would highly recommend!! - Kerry

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