How to update your card details

1. Navigate to the My Account page.
Note - If you are on a mobile or tablet, click the menu icon at the top left side of your screen, and select "My Account"

2. Navigate to the Payment Details tab.

3. First, delete your old card from the system to avoid charges to the incorrect card. Now click "Add payment method" and enter your new card details.
Note - If you simply wish to add an additional card to your payment methods, you may have multiple cards to choose from when purchasing.

4. If you have an unpaid order, now simply navigate to the Recent Orders tab, and click "Pay". You will be directed to a confirmation screen where you can confirm the payment is for the new card, and this is a great time to double check your old card has been deleted.

If you require any further help, or are having trouble navigating the website, feel free to email or call our support line on 1300 625 490, or at