Our Mission

Paving the Road to Healthier Aussie Dogs, One Bowl at a Time.

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Our Story

After poor diet attributed to Alex’s childhood Schnauzer’s early passing years ago, he decided for the benefit of his new best friend, Danny, it was time to take a deeper look into what we feed our furry friends.

It came as no surprise that dogs benefit from real, healthy food, much the same as us, and in our opinion, there’s no excuse as to why they shouldn’t get just that.

Alex started working on cooking Danny the best meals he could, and over time the health benefits became more and more apparent.

His passion for dogs led him to share his findings with close family and friends who expressed their interest in a healthy alternative for their dogs.

Word got around, and as interest increased he realised there was a clear lack of healthy, fresh and locally made pet food on the market, and so Alex decided to lead the change.

He then enlisted the help of lifelong friend, Wes, with a background in commerce, to really bring the vision to life.

Together, we believed it was extremely important that each meal was designed by a professional in the field. We continue to work closely with a leading Sydney Animal Nutritionist to develop, and perfect not only the freshest, but also the healthiest, complete and balanced dog food on the market.

We began trialing our meals, cooking on the weekends in Wes’ home kitchen; needless to say, we outgrew this situation quickly. Armed with the feedback of multiple trials, Alex resigned from his job, and we took the plunge, moving into a commercial space in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

After months of planning and development, we launched our dream to the world and saw just how many people were waiting for this change to finally happen.

Fast forward to the present, and with thousands of customers, the backing of Vets, and multiple pet-centric retailers all over Sydney and Melbourne, more and more dog lovers are realising and seeing first-hand the benefits of fresh and wholesome food for their dogs.

Perfect Bowl

Meet the Team

Alex Ramsey

Director, Head of Product

If you know Alex, then you know his extraordinary love for Dogs. With a combination of skills and true passion for amazing food and culinary art, you will often find Alex in the kitchen, innovating and obsessing over Perfect Bowl’s range.

Inspired by the success of improving his own best friend, Danny’s health and wellbeing through fresh and wholesome food, he is determined to change the way we think about dog’s health.

Wes Callaghan

Director, Head of Operations

Wes has a formal background in commerce and technology, his experience lending himself to the backend operations of Perfect Bowl. He can often be found around the office designing graphics, building websites and tending to the books.


Pound Paws Charity

Perfect Bowl is committed to improving the lives of Aussie dogs through outstanding, quality food, however the upsetting truth is that hundreds of thousands of dogs don't have a home or family to provide for them. We want to use our voice to amplify the importance of causes dedicated to re-homing animals.

Because of this, Perfect Bowl is proud to be donating $1 of every sale to the fantastic charity, Pound Paws.

Pound Paws is an Australian based charity providing a modern approach to the overall re-homing process of pets in Australian pounds and rescue centres. As well as hosting monthly Dog Day events to raise awareness and funds for dog rescue groups, it operates an online search engine, which fast tracks the adoption process for users, allowing them to search by breed, age, size and gender, as well as providing Custom Pet Profile Matches to assist further in pet adoption.

Due to COVID restrictions postponing their events, Pound Paws is currently developing it's online rescue directory, which promotes pounds & shelters on their site, by providing complimentary photography + videography services to them.

To learn more, follow their socials, or visit their website by clicking the Pound Paws logo.

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